Please join us for a joyous celebration of Our 50th Golden Omer Anniversary

Our name is recognized worldwide for the consistent and unsurpassed quality standards.
Omer continues rigid adherence to our set of coveted and unmistakable design characteristics.
Blending state-of-the-art proven technologies with stringent quality control standards has always been an Omer hallmark.
Not only meeting, but exceeding safety standards is of paramount importance.
Omer’s long-standing reputation for robust durability, was hard earned and is proudly maintained.
These are but a few key reasons OMER is universally considered the first choice for rugged pneumatic industrial fastening applications.

From 1972 until today

The fine Italian tradition of using initials of the owner/inventor’s name is what yielded: "Officine MEccaniche Rossetto as the acronym O.M.E.R.
Founded back in 1972 within a small-town garage in the Northern Italian province of Treviso, our hero’s story began with humble roots.  It was then that Mr. Pietro Rossetto brought to life what we lovingly call Omer stapler NUMBER ONE (Numero Uno).
Spring boarding from the original 5 employees at our founding address – the next stop was at: Via dei Colli in 1976 and then onward and upward in 1988 when the headquarters moved to our current Via Foresto 42 address ~ still in our birthplace of Susegana. Today occupying 28,000 square meters of space provides much more elbow room for the 80 employees there.
The steady march of time, seasoned with just the right mixture of tenacity and clever ingredients, has produced a half-century of continuous Omer innovation, always focused upon world market leadership.