Type: Grease

It is wise to keep some properly formulated O-RING GREASE around to make preventative maintenance part of your Omer stapler & nailer's regular schedule. Oil has its important place in the world of smoothly performing Omer fastening tools...but so does a good grease that allows you to "smear" a nice GL...OB of grease not only on the top of the O-Rings but also down into the GROOVE where they live. This lets a slow, methodical release of grease find its way into the tool's moving parts...for optimal cycling. In between, you use your fine Omer air-tool OIL...knowing that it blends beautifully with the grease that is being periodically employed for great tool care. Omer has long been known for exceptionally long life tools but you can do your part to enhance this industry leading record of excellence in action. Thank You!

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