Type: Normally Open valve
Compatible with tool: 92.38 #1427240
without contact safety actuation
50.42 / 92.38

This device employs a Remote Fire Trigger which is NOT an integral part of the tool. Instead, this is an external mechanism that connects Omer staplers and nailers via a simple conduit to automated systems, so that the Air Logic Signal can actuate the tools on cue. Normally Open (N.O.) valving allows ...a tool in the resting (neutral condition, awaiting a signal) tool to have air routed through the passage way to properly pressurize the Head Valve. When the automated system communicates with the tool, it effectively Flips The Switch, to FIRE via opening a pathway out to atmosphere for the air that had been pressurizing the head valve. It EXHAUSTS air through the trigger's exit pathway to enable each shot to be accomplished. REVERSE action happens when the SIGNAL (communication) with the automated system is removed effectively closing off the "exhaust pathway" which re energizes the head valve with pressurized air, thus bringing it back to the RESTING (Neutral) position awaiting the next signal's impulse to fire.

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