Gauge: 16

With the myriad choices at your finger-tips when leafing through the Omer Catalog, there are some unique items that nearly fall into those "Unicorn" categories. They just don't quite FIT conventional fastener categories and need to be lumped together in a catch-all grouping we call SPECIAL FASTENERS: ...Examples such as the Flexi-Tab used for holding pictures - but able to be bent out of the way when it is time to change photos ~ and Hog-Rings for various seating and bedding needs ~ then Omer has Staples used for unique and demanding "Furrier and Taxidermy" stretching ~ and the Beat Goes On. OMER may have 50 years of experience - but we are Just Getting Started, just wait and see.

Equivalent to: Bostitch Ring 616 - Vertex/Spenax SR8 Hog Ring 16 gauge

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Item Finish Gauge Point Box count
SR8 Galvanized 16 Chisel 2500