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Some areas of the world are steeped in a unique culture that permeates all that they do. Such is the case with Northern Italy where, for 50 years, OMER's founding family has manufactured exceptional tools & fasteners.

Like a fine paint brush or chisel in the artists' hands of Renaissance fame, Omer tools and fasteners become an extension of the woodworker's skill. Bringing to life their touch - with classic Italian products that stand the test of time.

MADE IN ITALY is not merely a is proof of excellence!

Next Generation
OMER Tool Line Up

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Next Generation
OMER Tool Line Up

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Omer's astounding selection of - Pneumatic staplers - nailers - pinners - bradders & Specialty Tools
This equipment epitomizes the highest quality, industrial grade tooling in the industry.
Designs that are carefully engineered to employ a modular approach - which provides an unparalleled wealth of tool variations.
Omer proudly offers tool models to match almost all of the world's most popular fastener series.

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A vast array of Omer fasteners are required to compliment the wide range of Omer tool offerings.
Yet, the Northern Italian craftsmanship extends beyond matching only the Omer pneumatic tool world.
Superior generic fasteners are made to enhance the performance of other brands of tools commonly found in the marketplace. Whether they are stocking items or special order fasteners produced to meet very specific or unique requirements - Omer stands ready to provide an ever expanding universe of fasteners made from all popular wire types - with point configurations and nuances to answer any and every application encountered.

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Your one stop shop offering everything from WILD.
Omer brings you all the elements needed for mounting tools - mini systems - remote fire vales - brackets and hangers. Peruse Omer's carefully engineered automated components and look at conventional accessories from OIL to SAFETY GLASSES, all provided to compliment and enhance your overall Omer experience.

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In 2013, Omer recieved the A.E.O. (authorized economic operator, custom authorization no. IT AEOC 13 0723) certification. This status certifies that Omer complies with customs laws, is finacially reliable and ethical, and maintains accurate and proper accounting practices.

In compliance to the CE 14592 requirements, the staple series S29, SD, M3, S4, 700 and M2 are now available upon request. The purpose of this European standard is to place safety regulations upon the technical design and engineering of fasteners that are to be used in construction for load bearing timber structures.

Omer products, for some time, have held the GOST certification for pneumatic tools to be distributed into the Russian Market. It was important to our company to support our Russian customers in introducing and marketing our products within their market.