Omer operates worldwide in the design, production and sale of pneumatic tools and the relevant fasteners.

The strength of our brand is our adherence to using predominantly Italian sourced materials in our production. This is consistent with the model that has earned Italian made products the esteemed reputation of high quality around the world.

For 50 years we have been producing pneumatic tools with the highest quality and up-to-date technological standards.

The functional and unique design of our tools, our attention to detail, our mindfullness of safety, the use of the most advanced production technologies, our strict quality control standards and reliability throughout production are some of the reasons why Omer air-driven tools are the benchmark within the pneumatic tools industry.


We produce a wide range of pneumatic tools and all the fasteners they use.


Offering the best quality service to our customers is our main goal. That is what describes our business philosophy.

Global markets

Omer is present worldwide in the industrial fastening markets.


1972 / 1980

During these years Omer broke into the market with an innovative solution, a pneumatic pinner for 23 gauge headless pins. This light and user-friendly tool completely revolutionized the applications where the pins were earlier fixed one by one, by hand with a hammer.

1980 / 1990

The ideas of inventor, Pietro Rossetto, were well received in the manufacturing industry at a time when the demand for female labor required lighter weight and maneuverable tools.

1990 / 2000

During this time Omer opened to the international markets. A new line was created, dedicated to the pneumatic tools. The olive light green color was chosen to identify the Omer products and distinguish them from those of the competition.

2000 / 2010

To usher in a new millennium, Omer gave their tools an updated modern design and a new metallic green color to lead their rise in the global market.

2010 / 2020

Omer accepted the challenge and started developing products that would become integrated in the automation process.


Omer rings in their next half century of progress with the first wave of a new tool line-up project, via the 55,000 square foot expansion of their Headquarter's Factory production department.

The founder

2019 marked the 90th birthday of the founder, Pietro Rosetto.
Mr. Rosetto’s creativity, determination, and devotion to his work throughout the years, have made Omer a worldwide leader in its industry.
As an incredible optimist, to this day, Pietro continues to seek out leading-edge ideas and projects.
He looks for innovative technical solutions to help his beloved company to remain at the forefront of innovation.
Pietro Rosetto is a proper “Cavaliere del Lavoro” an Italian title bestowed on one who has made a major contribution to country’s economy.

Events and tradeshows

Fimma-Maderalia 2020 - Valencia
Stand A16 al Livello 2 - Padiglione 1

Colonia 2020
Stand P-031 - Hall 11.2

Stand n. 224-226

Interzum 2019
Stand J-021 - Padiglione 11.2

Fastener Fair 2019 - Stoccarda
Stand 494 - Padiglione 1

Stand n. 747-749

Bogotà 2018
Stand 76 - Padiglione 11-16

Fimma-Maderalia 2018 - Valencia
Stand E24 al Livello 2 - Padiglione 8

Colonia 2018
Stand B-052 - Hall 4.1

Stand n. 112-114

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