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We provide you with the following information, in addition to the extended Privacy Policy, available on the Site.

The owner of the personal data processing which are collected throughout the Site, is Omer spa with registered office in Susegana, TV, Via Foresto, 42 – 31058, Tax code & VAT reference no. IT 02240730263. Omer spa or "The Owner" will process data in accordance with the norms applicable in terms of privacy policy and personal data protection.

We are describing the different types of cookies and the technologies used in the web-site in agreement with the Provisions of the Data Protection Supervisor dated May 2014 “Simplified Arrangements to Provide Information and Obtain Consent Regarding Cookies - 8 may 2014 (published in the Official Journal of the Italian Republic # 126 dtd June 3rd, 2014) and available in the website (doc-web 3118884 del 08/05/2014), to describe the configuration modes and the terms of use of the cookies.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that visited web-sites send to your computer browser when you visit them. They are automatically lodged into the cookie file of your browser while you are accessing a web-site and they are transferred back to the site when you return to it Cookies are used to improve browsing, remember your registered log in (username, password and other information), to help trace your preferences and surfing habits, allowing this way the Owner to deliver services linked to his activity, such as service communications on the site and so on. Whenever limitations are set on the use of the cookies, these will affect the access to certain site contents during navigation. It is always possible for the user to set a prior blocking of cookies or remove them from the browser cache.

How does Omer spa use cookies?

Technical cookies
Some cookies are necessary for the correct functioning of the website. Without them, the user will not be able to navigate the site and use some of its functions. Such cookies are “technical”, i.e. session or persistent cookies, and they allow the website to keep track of the user movements, from page to page. By disabling these cookies, which are essential, the use of the website contents could be compromised and result as impossible or severely limited. These cookies do not research information that may identify the user except when the user logs into the website and browses – after the log in – in a private area.

Analitic cookies
We use 3rd parties cookies profiling from Google Analytics to analyze the way our visitors use our site and to monitor their log-ins. This allows us to offer a high quality browsing experience, by personalizing the offer, based on the pages actually visited by the user. As an example, we could use cookies of this kind for tracking the most popular pages or for identifying the most effective link method between pages and to establish the reason why some pages receive error messages. These cookies do not collect information that can identify the visitor. All data which are gathered and shared with Google Inc. are anonymized by eliminating significant parts of the IP address, both IPV4 and IPV6 versions. These data usage is limited to enhance your experience of functions offered by the Site. For regulatory purposes, anonymized Analytics cookies from third parties are equivalent to technical cookies and they do not need a policy banner, informed consent or notification to the Data Protection Supervisor.

Cookies Security

Cookies are not viruses, they are small text files. They cannot be interpreted by the browser nor executed, therefore they cannot make copies of themselves and spread to other networks to execute and replicate again. Because they cannot perform these fuctions, they fall outside the standard virus definition. Cookies CAN be used for malicious purposes though. Since they store information about a user's browsing preferences and history, both on a specific site and browsing among several sites, cookies can be used to act as a form of spyware. Many anti-spyware products are well aware of this problem and flag cookies as possible threats.

The features of the cookies used in the Site are illustrated in the following table:





Additional information

Google Analytics


Third parts

Session cookie & persistent cookie

Google policies (

Google Analytics


Third parts

Session cookie & persistent cookie

Google policies (

Google Analytics


Third parts

Session cookie & persistent cookie

Google policies (

How can you manage cookie setting on your browser?

You may object to the record of cookies on your hard disk by configuring your browser to disable cookies themselves. All you have to do is follow the browser Privacy/Security guidance. For more information we invite you to consult the online guides of the main browsers. Be aware that further to this operation you may be missing out on certain features of the web pages, and these latter might not be executed the correct way.

Google Analytics cookies can be refused according to the procedure indicated by Google ( Browsing the Site without explicitly refusing the cookies equals to consent Google treatment of your data, limited but to the aforementioned methods and purposes.

Details concerning Google Analytics privacy policy may be viewed visiting the web site To learn more about general Google privacy rules, you are invited to visit

For more information about the treatment of your personal data, please view Privacy Policy.

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