Each Omer product is made with care for detail, as well as attention to its design and function.

Our 50 plus years of experience have established Omer as an industry leader.

Tradition with innovation

Omer was built through a perfect blending of tradition and innovation. These are the fundamental principals for the success of our products. According to general business philosophy, tradition indicates reliability and reliability instills confidence and trust.

pneumatic tools yearly production
900 million
staples weekly production
500 million
pins/brads/finish nails weekly production

Our internal design team thoughtfully and skillfully considers every detail when designing a tool. As a result, our pneumatic tools are both modern and compact yet powerful and functional. Important features for maneuverability and user-friendliness.


Every component of an Omer product is the consummation of thorough study. Great importance is given to the tool's metal housing which is forged from light-weight alloy. The result, are durable, long-lasting tools that can be used in a wide range of applications.


Every Omer tool is engineered for power and performance and to provide speed and reliability to the operator, even in the most demanding applications. One such application is automation which requires fastening at a fast and constant pace with accurate millimetric precision.