Brads 12
Gauge: 18
Max fastener length: 1-9/16"
Motor Type: 230
12.40 V1
Code: #12212801
Characteristics: standard magazine, side loading
Trigger type: continual contact actuation (automatic)

The 12.40V1 is a classic example of OMER'S modular platform, which can be configured so many ways to solve special fastening needs. This type of tool is affectionately called an AUTOMATIC FIRE model. But it offers more than high SPEED alone. Precision made by Omer to provide a consistent rate of fire when the best cyclic rate can be "dialed in" to just the right velocity suited to each application need. Kept instantly in reserve right at your fin...ger tip, is a reassuring OVER RIDE of the automatic setting. This provides the option of careful single brad placement, completed by the dial a depth mechanism for setting the brad exactly at YOUR desired depth. Sometimes you feel 'the need for speed' and sometimes 'precision' whispers in your ear and you have no need to Drive Wide Open at top speed the way this OMER tool allows you to!

Equivalent to: Senco AX AY - Bostitch BT1300 - DUO FAST B440

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