Brads 12
Gauge: 18
Max fastener length: 2"
Motor Type: 420
Code: #1421210
Characteristics: standard magazine, side loading
Trigger type: single sequential actuation

Omer's next bradder size up has for decades, been one of the most popular trim and light carpentry nailers in the world. This 12.50 tool makes an important LEAP from the smaller version 12.40 with a maximum leg length of 1-9/16" up to 2" maximum length, and with this extra penetration, you may find the answer that will achieve optimum results. This 12.50 tool provides a 3/4" - 2" range of brads, matching the tool & fastener to countless jobs. Eas...y clearing nose design gives rapid jam cleansing, minimizing down time and enhancing productivity in high speed applications. Proper levels of power are blended with ergonomic features and selection of casting materials that balance lighter weight with robust durability. This machine is a fine example of the Omer product line, featuring tools designed and manufactured entirely in Italy and thereby infused with quality and attention to detail second to none.

Equivalent to: Senco AX AY - Bostitch BT1300 - DUO FAST B440

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