Gauge: 25
Crown: 3/8"
Max fastener length: 9/16"
Motor Type: 100
77 FV
Code: #108442800
Characteristics: standard magazine, bottom loading
Trigger type: continual contact actuation (automatic)

Special Omer tool for unique applications, which provide a size to fit the hand and to match the precision called for in 25 gauge extra FINE wire staples that are left standing proud for stretching and stapling in place various types of SKINS. Even in such specialized uses, Omer offers an option of AUTOMATIC fire with adjustable speed. The operator sets the cyclic rate to match their desired rate of staples per minute, while an Over Ride provides... the means of shooting ONE AT A TIME when precise placement is of paramount importance. This tool answers the taxidermist's and furrier's dreams of a tool to serve everyone's rapid stapling needs: Robust and reliable, light and maneuverable, small but no doubt suitable for industrial uses.

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