Brads 17
Gauge: 14
Max fastener length: 2-1/2"
Motor Type: 840
Code: #1841700
Characteristics: standard magazine, rear loading
Trigger type: single sequential actuation

This powerful 14 gauge finish nailer is designed for a variety of wood working applications. Having more shear strength withdrawal power than the often seen angled 15 gauge bradders here we have a full .080" wire diameter with a nice head to HOLD without leaving big gaping driver indentations that have to be filled and puttied. This model shares the Omer upgraded SEQUENTIAL trigger for truly safe heavy duty industrial usage. One of our largest mo...tors provides more than sufficient power to drive fasteners up to 2-1/2" into dense materials. Omer manufactures this extra heavy duty finish nailer entirely in Italy and thereby giving reassurance that they are infused with quality and attention to detail second to none in the world. Review our firing mode section to see Bump Fire and Remote Fire Trigger options.

Equivalent to: Paslode F14 - DUO FAST FN8

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