Gauge: 16
Crown: 7/16"
Max fastener length: 2"
Motor Type: 850
M2.50 CL4-42
Code: #1858250-42
Characteristics: long magazine, top loading
Trigger type: remote fire

Omer's new 16 gauge 7/16" crown stapler is geared to the Senco N staple series. These are ideal for use on automated systems that are geared toward Wall Panel Machines and other building industry types of SUB COMPONENT MACHINES. These factory built elements are then taken to speed to the flow of materials at the job site.Tip Up wall sections that are framed and completely sheathed and routed out pre hung door and window installation help tracts o...f homes be very rapidly be assembled. The 7/16" crown 16 gauge staple that interchanges with Senco N series, is frequently specified for such applications. NOTE: These tools are also highly popular in Window, Door and Case Goods manufacturing in factories that keep an eye out for every chance to automate production. Like all Omer automated systems models exceptionally heavy duty Mounting Brackets are part of the overall design package to vastly minimize vibration and wear over years of 3 shift a day factory use. Set up at the factory with Normally Closed Remote Fire Valving but also available with normally open Remote Fire Valving for those systems that are already designed for that type of firing mode. Omer IS the ideal flexible tool source for a wide array of stapler series allowing easiest replacement of OLD tools or NEW BUILD strengths that will assure your automation enjoys both long life and minimum maintenance requirements.

Equivalent to: Senco "N"

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