Gauge: 20
Crown: 1/2"
Max fastener length: 5/8"
Motor Type: MINI
PL50.16 LJ-03
Code: #11567530-03
Characteristics: long magazine, bottom loading
Trigger type: single fire with dual activation (dual safety trigger)

Shipping TUBES need to have an End Cap fastened at each end. Omer gives us the perfect Bottom Load Plier stapler designed for this demanding application. The adjustable pneumatic jaw guarantees the right compression of materials to yield a perfect clinch. This model comes from the factory with a double length magazine that provides extra capacity and a particular anvil specifically designed to fit this application. The two hangers allow the opera...tor to set it in different positions. This tool is designed and manufactured entirely in Italy and it is widely recognized for the superior guaranteed quality. This is the result of careful attention to detail. Remote fire trigger is available (please check the triggers dedicated area for more info).

Equivalent to: DUO FAST 50 - BeA 95

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