Gauge: 16
Crown: 1"
Max fastener length: 1-1/2"
Motor Type: 740
WP .738 CL4-6
Code: #17494540-6
Characteristics: long magazine, top loading
Trigger type: remote fire

Omer's new quadruple length 16 gauge wide crown stapler for the 1" Senco "P" Wire staple series should be used on automated systems that are geared toward Wall Panel Machines or even Gable End stapling of material to Trusses. These COMPONENT MACHINES...allow a pre fabricated finished section of "sheathed" material to be lifted into place and affixed on site. It is this kind of Pre Fabrication of building components that continues to speed to the ...job site, where Tip Up wall sections help tracts of homes rapidly be assembled. The widely popular Senco "P" type wide crown 16 gauge staple, is frequently specified for such applications. Automation like this is part of the future of American construction practices. Instead of carpenters building such components on site at a slow pace the DELIVERY via trailers of "complete home packages" to each new housing development allows well engineered components to be FACTORY Assembled to ensure uniformity and compliance with best practices and codes for strength and safety purposes. OMER...anchored in the quality of the past...but AIMED at the "future" of modern building techniques.

Equivalent to: Senco 'P'

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