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Equivalent to: BeA W - Duo Fast CF - Senco CF


Product description

When the demands for a Corrugated Fastener come into play, we see two pieces of wood being joined ~ when the tool shoots a properly sized fastener that will STRADDLE the joint and hold it together below the surface. The key is having a selection of Corrugated Fastener widths to meet the challenge at hand without Over-Kill blowing a joint apart. From Micro - to Mini - to Full Sized Corrugated Fasteners, Omer has the range to fulfill these unique needs. Even "V" nails serve this same kind of "calling" but in a V shaped light gauge fastener that doesn't over-power the joint.
Omer, as always providing - Selection Second To None.

Item Length (mm) Length (inch) Finish Gauge Width (in) Point Box Count
CF / 8 8 5/16" bright 25 Chisel 2500
CF / 10 10 3/8" bright 25 Chisel 2250
CF / 13 13 1/2" bright 25 Chisel 1750
CF / 15 15 5/8" bright 25 Chisel 1500
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