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Equivalent to: ONE LEG 'Q' STAPLE HANGER

Gauge: 15

Product description

16 gauge /15.5 gauge /15 gauge /14 gauge
From wooden pallets and crates to model building code compliant construction applications, Heavy Wire Staples stand ready to run the gauntlet of demanding uses. Galvanized - bright wire - stainless steel and aluminiants - with chisel or specialized points, help perfectly match the staple to the job, as carefully as these fasteners match the favorite tool of craftsmen everywhere.
Key Heavy Wire crown widths are: 7/16" ~ 1/2" ~ 15/16" ~ 1"
As gauge goes up (thicker wire diameter) then corresponding leg lengths can generally range from 1/2" to 6 3/8" depending on tool types in use. Tool sizes and power output are balanced to blend seamlessly with heavy wire staple options. Omer is renowned for balancing their modular motor system with these challenging and rugged stapling opportunities.

Item Length (mm) Length (inch) Finish Gauge Crown (in) Point Box Count
M3PF 15 / 75 75 3" galvanized 15 7/16" Chisel 5000
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