Gauge: 18
Crown: 5/16"
Max fastener length: 1"
Motor Type: 230
92.25 OCS
Code: #1237270S
Characteristics: standard magazine, bottom loading
Trigger type: contact actuation (bump fire)

Many factories specify a NOSE SAFETY to be present on their Outward FLARE stapling tools. It is not just an extra measure of tool safety that is provided however. The contact element ensures that the tool will NOT drive the staple until sufficient pressure is placed on compressible foams and similar materials to trip the trigger. Tacking fabric and Sisal Material to foam rubber, Box Spring Mattress borders as well as automotive needs have long be...en a notable challenge for our Outward Clinch (OC) 92 series staplers, but applications sometimes call for this heavier 18 gauge wire to be FLARED as a soft material is being COMPRESSED. Once again Omer Delivers the results so long desired.

Equivalent to: BeA 92 - Bostitch SL5035

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