Gauge: 14
Crown: 1-1/4"
Max fastener length: 1-1/2"
Motor Type: CRT
JUMBO 32.38
Code: #19738T3
Characteristics: standard magazine, rear loading
Trigger type: single fire

Punching above their weight class, we find these World HEAVYWEIGHT Contenders. Imagine taking a 14 gauge staple wire and flattening it out to create powerful new bounds of holding power. Triple Wall cardboard demands special attention. Here is the answer. 1-1/4" crown width in three distinct models that let you Tailor the Tool to the leg length required. So the 32.25 JUMBO gives you up to 1" long staples, the 32.32 JUMBO gives you up to 1 1/4" staples, the 32.38 JUMBO gives you up to 1-1/2" long staples to punch through "tough triple wall" and have the right amount of leg left for precise CLINCHING to match the application. Internationally sourced, these are proof that Monsters can be our friends. HINT: The Handle built into the cap of these JUMBO staplers isn't just there for "show." You are going to need two hands to wield this monster but you get monstrously strong holding power when Nothing Less Will Do.

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