Pins I
Gauge: 18
Max fastener length: 1/2"
Motor Type: 220
RI.213 CL2-3
Code: #12206150-3
Characteristics: long magazine, rear loading
Trigger type: remote fire

18 gauge headless pinners with beautifully extended magazines blend with the remote fire valving system designed to be installed in the most demanding industrial environments. Omer has well earned the right to be the GO TO tool brand for so many window and door manufacturers world wide. Pre hung doors and other automated systems are a marriage made in heaven for these Omer "RI Series" 18 gauge pinners. These reinforced PINNER designs are manufact...ured entirely in our Italian headquarters factory trusted for the superior quality.
Further enhancing stability, these tailor made automated system pinners hold 210 pins and can also be equipped with strong factory reinforced original mounting brackets.

Equivalent to: Senco AZ - Bostitch AZ

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