Equivalent to: Carton Closing type "C"

Codice: #19722T3
Characteristics: standard magazine, rear loading
Trigger type: single actuation

Max fastener length: 7/8"
Min fastener length: 3/4"
Motor: CRT

Product description

Pneumatic carton closing stapler for LONGER leg lengths up to 7/8" long. An Internationally sourced tool that matches the proud level of Omer specifications and standards so that it can bear the Omer name. The "C" series carton staple is so widely used that it is often thought of as a standard cardboard box closing fastener. But a tool must be carefully designed to feed and clinch the wide generic varieties of staples that are prevalent in the marketplace. Years of success, prove that Omer's 32.22 stapler fits the bill. Thicker cardboard or more layers sometime require this 7/8" capability, yet it still gives you the option of either 3/4" or 7/8" sizes. Like all internationally sourced tools, this tool is tested and in some details improved before leaving our Italian factory with the OMER name on it.