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34.18 ROLL

Equivalent to: Bostitch SWC 7437

Codice: #197B18RT4
Characteristics: standard magazine, top loading
Trigger type: single actuation

Max fastener length: 3/4"
Min fastener length: 5/8"
Motor: CRT


Product description

When a strip of 100 carton closing staples means reloading will be too frequent for your needs, it is time to turn to the 34.18 ROLL granting you interchangeability with Bostitch SWC 7437 Roll staples. 1000 staples clinched into cardboard before stopping to reload. That is what the popular ROLL design offers for those who love the "SWC 7437" series staple but yearn for more load capacity. This tool is Internationally sourced to match Omer standards for industrial level performance and each tool is tested before it leaves the OMER Italian factory.