Equivalent to: Carton Closing type "A"

Codice: #19822T3
Characteristics: standard magazine, rear loading
Trigger type: single actuation

Max fastener length: 7/8"
Min fastener length: 3/4"
Motor: CRT

Product description

Pneumatic carton closing stapler for LONGER leg lengths up to 7/8" long. Omer Internationally sources this tool to our rigid specifications and standards so that it can bear the Omer name. The "A" series carton staple's 1-3/8" width coupled with up to 7/8" maximum leg length gives flexibility for those more demanding cardboard box closing uses where more layers of cardboard or heavier "flute" tye can easily require the 3/4" or 7/8" size capability this tool offers. The 35.22 tool is carefully designed to feed and clinch the "A" staple. When it is time to bring your "A" Game for THICK cardboard our 35.22 stapler fits the bill. OMER...seems to always have the carton closing answers you need.