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80.16 SLVL

Equivalent to: BeA 80/380 - JK 680

Codice: #11560480
Characteristics: standard magazine, bottom loading, 2" long nose
Trigger type: continual contact actuation (automatic)

Max fastener length: 5/8"
Min fastener length: 5/32"
Motor: MINI

Product description

Just when you thought you had seen every kind of stapler possible, a true "unicorn" appears. Adjustable rates of Automatic fire with the ability to dial in just the speed that best suits the application's sweet spot assembled on a Long Nose device is what the Omer 3G.16 SLVL 3/8" crown stapler offers. Even when you need the Long Nose to let you TILT the tool to get into tough spots, you still can slide the nose along and carefully shoot staples at the needed rates of speed. "Driving Wide Open" at 1000+ staple per minute cyclic rate is nice but sometimes you need a more measured rate of fire, obtained by the tool most sensible trigger speed adjustment. And when you need to OVER RIDE the automatic setting for one to or more SINGLE SHOT carefully placed staples, this is always at your fingertips.