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B12.450 FQ


Equivalent to: Senco AX AY - Bostitch BT1300 - DUO FAST B440

Codice: #1441200FQ
Characteristics: standard magazine, side loading
Trigger type: Full Sequential trigger

Max fastener length: 2"
Min fastener length: 3/4"
Motor: 440

Product description

This is the new version of our universally loved 12.50 a 2” 18 gauge Brads nailer, a true icon in our industry. But our engineers were able to improve it and take it to the legendary level. The new B12.450 is the new version powered by our new 440 motor and it has a variety of new features that will enable you to save time, increase productivity, and raise your efficiency to a new level. In addition, it will allow your company to achieve significant cost savings by reducing time on repairs. New point penetration depth adjustment system, new system to cancel the thrust of the points on the nose plate, which is now lighter in use, new less cumbersome and smoother quick-opening system for unjamming…and many others benefits! Please check our web page dedicated to the “NEW OMER LINE UP” and see the new features in detail! This version comes from the factory with a true FULL SEQUENTIAL TRIGGER.