B17.70 CL4-4

Equivalent to: Paslode F14 - DUO FAST FN8

Codice: #1841750-4
Characteristics: long magazine, top loading
Trigger type: remote fire

Max fastener length: 2-3/4"
Min fastener length: 1-1/4"
Motor: 840

Product description

This powerful 14 gauge finish nailer is designed to be installed in the most demanding industrial environments. Omer tools often need to have LONG MAGAZINE and to be Top Loading. This Big Bold Bradder that holds four strips of brads, comes from the factory with a Normally Close remote fire valve type but it can also be equipped with what ever valving system you prefer. The robust motor is made up of metal makes this tool durable over time and ensures high performance. Designed and manufactured with that "something extra" sense of perfection, the tool full package also includeds its dedicated mounting bracket. Omer quality you can feel, see and enjoy for the Long Run.