B6.50 N

Codice: #1140250N
Characteristics: standard magazine, side loading
Trigger type: single sequential actuation

Max fastener length: 2"
Min fastener length: 7/8"
Motor: MINI


Product description

In some ways, could the Omer B6.50 N (2" Long) 23 gauge micro headed bradder, be the long sought missing link? It checks off all the boxes for Quality, Power, Reliability, Relentless Omer Pursuit of excellence in design, materials and execution. But it also provides the 23 gauge aficionado a chance to "throw away their nail set and putty knife. No more filling big Finish Nail Holes in the species of wood so common to TRIM applications...Basswood, Cedar, Douglas fir, etc. No Mar soft tip for minimal indentations left on the wood. Tiny diameter nose safety. Built in Air Blow Gun in the cap. Near invisible fastening is a reality with a tiny 23 gauge micro headed brad that lets the painter essentially FILL the nail head and tiny driver blade indentations, so they all but disappear. This is the Sea Change in application use that brought the 23 gauge wire tools to light well over a decade ago. Undisputed KING of quality Omer leads the charge to this day...of course. Everything imaginable in a fine wire TRIM tool, all wrapped up in a balanced and ergonomic package that becomes an extension of the hand.