Equivalent to: Senco "CZ" - Bostitch MINIPINS

Codice: #10802100
Characteristics: standard magazine, bottom loading
Trigger type: single fire with dual activation (dual safety trigger)

Max fastener length: 3/16"
Min fastener length: 3/16"
Motor: 100


Product description

Omer custom tailors tool size to fit the hand and to match the precision called for in 23 gauge FINE wire, headless pins. The tiny, very nearly "invisible fastening" that these pinners provide call for a tiny tool envelope size to allow getting in to small places. The one piece monolithic motor design means the motor and magazine flow seamlessly together. The result perfect balance with a quiet and smooth fire unmatched in the industry. These works of art, become an extension of the hand as effortless fastening results consistently in all densities of wood plastic and various synthetic materials and substrates. A Dual trigger design adds a measure of safety and assurance that is nice when working with TINY materials. Made for attaching decorative over lay, trim, rattan and items that have been glued. Like for all Omer tools, there is a remote fire trigger that can be special ordered when fixed mount pinners and automated systems best match the need.