Codice: #1140410
Characteristics: standard magazine, bottom loading
Trigger type: single fire with dual activation (dual safety trigger)

Max fastener length: 1-1/8"
Min fastener length: 5/8"
Motor: MINI


Product description

One gauge heavier can make a lot of difference. Jumping from 23 gauge all the way up to 18 gauge pins is not always what is best to achieve optimum results. So Omer has a 21 gauge option to bring the middle of the road choice to life. Offering that perfect little bit of extra shear strength and lateral loading capabilities to match the tool & fastener to the job. Easy Loading, easy adjustments of the magazine to match the best size of pin and a No Mar Tip that provides cushioning right where it is needed most. Dual trigger lets the pinner be held at the precise place for best flush or slight countersunk drive to match application needs. Remote Fire Trigger valving is available for the mounted tool and automated system set ups.