Equivalent to: Senco AZ - Bostitch AZ

Codice: #1150620
Characteristics: standard magazine, bottom loading
Trigger type: single fire with dual activation (dual safety trigger)

Max fastener length: 1"
Min fastener length: 1/2"
Motor: MINI


Product description

When it is time to jump up from 21 gauge pins the next step brings us to the Omer 18 gauge headless pin that has 50 years of proof in performance. This pinner type is aimed at the range of sizes long known to be the sweet spot in window, door, fine woodworking "trim" and glass bead attachment. It is the tool and pin combination that started the whole pinner world spinning and led to unexpected heights of demand. Adding an extra measure of strength to the pin, yet still driving in without likelihood of splitting materials even when positioning the tool very near the edge of what is being fastened. 18 gauge pins continue to delight all who try them in wide ranges of applications and there is NO better tool in the world than the Omer Pinner to drive them deep, strong and true. Quick to load, equally fast in length adjustments. When you need a pinner that pretty much does it ALL, look no further than Omer. Dual trigger set up is standard with optional remote fire valving.