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Equivalent to: Bostitch SJ3020 - ATRO SJK

Codice: #1152650
Characteristics: long magazine, top loading
Trigger type: contact actuation (bump fire) + foot pedal

Max fastener length: 5/8"
Min fastener length: 5/16"
Motor: MINI

Product description

Mini Rest CLM stationary mounted tools 4097.16CLM and the similar SKJ.16 CLM. Omer's 100% Italian design and customization can meet many industries' requirements. Shoe manufacturers have for instance applications where a FIXED Tool like the SJK.16 CLM is required. The tool is mounted to a Mini Rest superstructure and is further equipped with a safety contact tip that frees both hands. The operator can carefully hold the materials being fastened allowing the tool to fire a staple only when the NOSE's work contact element is lifted up by touching the material to be fastened. Speed and precision are possible in this kind of clever tool system which leaves the staple standing proud for easy removal.