Equivalent to: DUO FAST TN - Senco "T" - ATRO TN22

Codice: #1741920
Characteristics: standard magazine, top loading
Trigger type: single sequential actuation

Max fastener length: 5/8"
Min fastener length: 1/2"
Motor: 740


Product description

Powerful 13 gauge "T" nailer designed to drive fasteners into hard materials. This model nicely fits a variety of very demanding applications as wooden barrel/cooperage or other unique situations where nails have to be driven into concrete. The robust motor made up of metal makes this tool durable over time and ensures high performance with 1/2" & 5/8" leg Beton Nails. The tool is designed and manufactured entirely in Italy and it is recognized the world over, for the superior guarantee of Omer quality with particular attention to details. It comes from the factory with Sequential trigger but the bump fire & Remote fire trigger options are available.