Gauge: 18
Crown: 1/4"
Max fastener length: 1-9/16"
Motor Type: 420
90.38 FL
Code: #1427030FL
Characteristics: standard magazine, bottom loading
Trigger type: contact actuation (bump fire)

An abbreviated length magazine version of the Omer world renown FLOORING stapler for hardwood tongue and groove installation. The 90.38FL Flooring Stapler is still able to hold a full load of 105 staples, yet compact in length for when space is tight and bumping into a wall is of concern. A plastic 'no mar' shield at the rear of the magazine reduces any thought of scratching near by woodwork and walls. The power to drive up to 1-1/2" leg length 1...8 gauge staples into the dense woods the name sake HARDWOOD flooring species implies and the possibility to adjust the tool to the thongue thickness are the features that prove Omer 90.38 Flooring tools are to the hardwood installer truly a work of art. Italian heritage and craftsmanship.

Equivalent to: DUO FAST 18 - BeA 90 - Senco 'L'

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