Brads M
Gauge: 21
Max fastener length: 2"
Motor Type: 230
Code: #1230840
Characteristics: standard magazine, side loading
Trigger type: single sequential actuation

The MG.50 takes 21 gauge fasteners up to the full 2" length Micro Head Brad nail that you always dream about. It checks off all the boxes for Quality, Power, Reliability, Relentless Omer Pursuit of excellence in design, materials and execution. But it also provides the 21 gauge aficionado a chance to "throw away their nail set and putty knife. No more filling big Finish Nail Holes in the softer species of wood so common to TRIM applications...Bas...swood, Cedar, Douglas fir, etc. And thanks to the on board No Mar soft tip, there will be minimal indentations left on the wood, which means quicker job completion. Also enhancing professional Trim Carpentry results is the MG.50 bradder's tiny diameter nose safety. Clean up of saw dust and keeping a clean line of sight for safe nailing, is a snap?with our Built in Air Blow Gun in the cap. And in the MG.50 this beautiful package is all wrapped up in a balanced and ergonomic package that becomes an extension of the hand. This model shares the Omer upgraded SEQUENTIAL trigger for truly safe heavy duty industrial usage. Review our firing mode section to see Bump Fire and Remote Fire Trigger options.

Equivalent to: DUO FAST MB

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