Equivalent to: Bostitch BT1200 - DUO FAST 764 - Senco Finish Pro-32

Codice: #14214130
Characteristics: standard magazine, top loading
Trigger type: single sequential actuation

Max fastener length: 1-1/4"
Min fastener length: 1/2"
Motor: 420

Product description

As they say, there are myriad uses for straight strip 16 gauge brads, from building cradles to coffins and everything in between. These fasteners seem to have become so ubiquitous that they are considered by many to be The "GENERIC finish nail". But the tool that drives them, does not dare fall into the Generic quality trap, where the legendary Omer 420 motor is being employed to power a Just Right sized 16 gauge 1-1/4" bradder. Powerful but with no sense of Over Kill, compact but with the heft born of a bore & stroke that generates the right Horse Power to DRIVE those nails into Tough Stuff. Rapid firing tool, long recognized for its body and internal part's longevity and precision, the 14.32 comes from the factory with a Sequential trigger, but Bump Fire option is always available if you are looking for speed. As always, there is a remote fire trigger that can be special ordered when mounting your bradders on to automated systems. The 14.32 model is designed and manufactured entirely in Italy and it is recognized everywhere for that hard to define blend of form and function that our customers like so much.