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Equivalent to: BeA 97

Codice: #1223000
Trigger type:

Max fastener length: 1"
Min fastener length: 1/2"
Motor: 220

Product description

Staplers that provide a mid size motor with ample power for production of every woodworking category from Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry, to case goods, furniture, lattice panels, screening, heavy duty upholstery requirements, carrying staples up to 1" leg length with narrow crown width. Mobile Home and R.V. production, boats, snow mobile and personal water craft heavy seat materials. The list goes on and on for these staples ideal applications. Speed is important to this category of staplers, but consistent delivery of power is of equal need, as well as driving the staple to the same depth. This is what Omer's 220 motor staplers are famous for providing. Italian know how shines through, as you study the maneuverability, bump fire cyclic speed and utter reliability that's built into Omer staplers.